Temple Invitational
October 8-9-2022

1. BLBA Vic
2. Bambinos
3. Crusaders
4. Tigers
5. Action
6. Blackhawks
7. TBT Ballers
Saturday UMHB
8:30am 1 vs 2
10:40am 2 vs 3
12:50pm 1 vs 4
3:00pm 3 vs 5
5:10pm 4 vs 5
Sunday Veterans 1 UMHB
8:30am 1 vs 3
10:40am 1 vs 5
12:50pm 3 vs 4 6 vs 7
3:00pm 2 vs 5
5:10pm 2 vs 4

Directions to fields


TSL Showcase Rules:

Coaches please report scores to me 30 minutes after completion of game. 254-709-3664

1. All Coaches must provide a copy of their team insurance prior to the first game. If this is not done you will not be allowed to play.

2. Time limit: 1:50 or 7 innings. No new inning will start after 1:45. Rain delays optional.

3. Run Rules are 10 after 4 and 8 after 5. Coaches make sure you showcase your pitchers at all facilities in front of coaching staffs.

4. Home team determined by a coin flip. Bracket play will be higher seed as home team.

5. Each team supplies their own game balls (Diamond D1 or equal)

6. Please supply your own water at all facilities. No food or drinks allowed at RBP. You can bring a team cooler at RBP.

7. No pets allowed at any facility. Please provide your own coolers for dugouts except Riverbend Park.

8. Weather delays will be posted on this page. After a 30 minute rain delay we will lose that game and continue with the regular schedule.

9. No protests, this is a showcase just play ball.

10. Once brackets have posted they are FINAL. Please do not call and ask for game time changes. No refunds after brackets have been posted.

11. No refunds after 2 games prorated after 1. A game started is considered a game played. For seeding Showcases we will resort back to the last full inning.

12. All teams should be ready to play 30 minutes prior to their scheduled start time. We will start early if at all possible and both coaches agree.

13. You may use a EH or DH or both. You can bat as many players as you wish. Free substitution as long as the batting order does not change.

14. There will be a $10.00 per day gate charge. Players and 3 coaches will get in free.