Team Practices

Central Waco Team Practices

All Age Groups Practices will be held at the Waco facility @ 65th and Tennyson for the Spring and Summer unless otherwise noted.

Practice time is the listed time. However, all players must be ready to stretch 30 minutes before scheduled practice. You will be considered late if you are not there ready to stretch.

BLBA Spring Practice Times & Location




 Stone Waco 6pm - J. Ayala Waco - 7:30pm




 High School Teams Waco - 5:45pm

 Guerrero Lorena H.S. - 6pm




 Shofner Waco - 6pm - LoveJoy Waco - 7:30pm

 Williams Lorena LL - 6pm




 J. Ayala Waco - 6pm - M. Ayala Waco - 7:30pm

Guerrero Lorena H.S. - 6pm


   Tucker Waco - 6pm - Smith Waco - 7:30pm




  High School Teams Waco - 8:00am  

  Shofner Waco - 10:30am - Smith Waco - 1:00pm 

  Lovejoy Waco - 3:30pm




 M. Ayala Waco - 1:30pm - Tucker Waco - 3:30pm

 Stone Waco - 6pm - Williams Lorena LL - 4pm


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